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Workshop School

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  • School Strategy - this has all the parts of a business plan so make sure you read through to the end.  The section on how music is taught can be skipped, but the rest in terms of sections is what should be there
  • Venue Plan - this is the actual plan for the location and operations and financials.
  • You need both or integrate both.  These plans have almost every possible category.
  • Also, certain sections may be of interest to you...as an aside. :)

This is the sixth version of a Vision, Mission, Strategy & Plan which maps out the philosophy, structure and purposes of the nonprofit school.  The vision starts here but expands geographically as the community attracts new people and grows.  This is a good review for anyone who wants to know specifics of the program; jump to that section, especially the music genres for newer folks.

This is an actual business plan to integrate a venue & music school.  A funding effort fell short, but it did prove the viability of such a plan.  This plan includes strategy down to operational details including comprehensive financial analysis.  This should give anyone confidence that larger funding at operational levels will be planned & managed with knowledge & skill.