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Workshop School

This is a Melody Moment for the B-part of Indifference.  Also included is a double-time triplet variation that makes a good exercise at different speeds.  Difficult.  Also, I changed part of it since the video, so make sure to ask about that in the workshop.

This is a THEORY and playing module that provides a good way to learn the AMP system understanding Dm for both GUITAR & MANDOLIN/violin.  Exercises & Video Backup Tracks up to 230 bpm provides practice and improvisation opportunities.

This is the melody for the A & B part on guitar.  This assumes you know and can play the correct picking technique including the downpicking "sweep" that the melody is built around.

These videos provide several "VIDEO BACKUP TRACKS" for Besame Mucho that includes an audible melody to learn by ear, and several speeds.  The main key is Cm, but other keys for singing include Am & Dm.  Non-jazz students should capo & use Am for right key.

Melody Moment:  This is the  melody for A and B parts with one variation on B part.  This is the version of Salt Creek demonstrated in the Wintergrass Prep workshops. This version can be used for all instruments.; it is taken from a fiddle version

Videos are hosted on a premium video service provided by Vimeo.com.  Go directly to the videos where you can find workshop modules and tunes and exercises. Or use the index below which has information organized around the workshop and target areas. Demonstrations are on various string instruments including guitar, violin/fiddle, mandolin  now, with uke & others coming soon.

How it Works

The Online Video School provides groups of videos representing modules or enhanced modules taught in the workshop.  With limited time, the most important thing is to pick a video that contains recommended exercises for specific tunes and melodies, variations & improvisation for some of the modules.  Play 1-2 target videos  15-60 minutes 6 days/wk.

Online Video School