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 Philosophical Methodology for Donations

NON-PROFIT commitment is:
Equal access to music learning, jamming & entertainment for all ages and diversities.

501(c)(3) application in process.  Donations deductible by year-end.

​​The suggestions from the school for donations are: 

  • Workshop attendees: give based on the value received divided or multiplied by your economic comfort at this point in your life.
  • School supporters: please give what you can to support the strategy, viability and current operation of the school.  

Value received could be compared to a typical weekly one-hour workshop at local music stores or schools which is about $20.  Comparatively, Accelerated Music Program workshops are usually two hours, you can get individual sessions if you attend the workshops and try to stick to your practice plan,  and you have an online school that will present some of the workshop modules so you can carry the workshop practice through the week.  You can also donate for individual sessions.

That is just an example and what the workshop needs most is attendees who are trying to make a commitment to their music with structured coaching through the school.  The school needs a good balance of people but if  you are a college student for example, you should feel comfortable giving $0 or just chipping in when possible.  Having students improving their musicianship at the workshop is THE MOST IMPORTANT contribution as this gives the school strength and word of mouth attraction.

Live Donations

This provides a SUBSCRIPTION donation option where you enter how much you would like to donate each month for the activities you attend each week. and payments are automatically set to support the school until you choose to turn it off through PayPal safely, quickly and securely .  Thank you!!

This provides a ONE-TIME donation option where you enter how much you would like to donate.  Thank you!!

Live donations are giving cash at the workshop.  Cash is the simplest way to support the workshop because it cuts out a lot of middlepeople.  But online donations are an easy way to ensure reliable support and use volume to lower the cost per person.  Attending the workshop is a donation as well as signing up Seattle friends like Paul Allen to provide a college size building with a commons area & venue as outlined in the strategic plans   .  Planning & Proposals

The school relies on donations which have increased in the last years, but there is still a large gap to be self-sustaining.  Donations go directly to workshop expenses, nothing else.  Rent, utilities, community dogfood.  If more people donated smaller amounts by subscription, that would help close the gap.  Thank you for supporting the school by donating!

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PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.  PayPal helps the nonprofit by providing a simple, cost-effective method to support the school through secure one-time donations or subscriptions.  Please click on the PayPal-linked logo for more information about security.